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About Our Founder

Noemi Erickson

Noemi's interest in skin care began in the Philippines. She sought expert care since she was suffering from sun damage and other skin disorders. Unfortunately, the therapies she got caused even more damage, so she made it her mission to design methods to repair her own skin and then teach others how to do the same.


Noemi was born and raised in the Philippines, and she immigrated to the United States in 2008 to give her family a better life. She arrived with almost nothing and worked three jobs while taking care of a toddler and attending MBA classes.


Noemi Erickson founded Natural Rejuvenation MedSpaTM out of a desire to help people feel and look their best, as well as a desire to be self-sufficient in her own life. She now has a booming business and has also started a franchising program. 

When most people think of a med-spa, they think of Botox, surgical face lifts, chemical peels, and so on. Noemi and her colleagues adopt a different strategy. We are not searching for fast cures, but rather to leverage on your body's natural capacity to heal and restore itself in order to organically renew your skin. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our services.

Noemi Erickson, the Aesthetic Director, and the Doctors, Nurses, and Master Aestheticians at Natural Rejuvenation MedSpaTM handle each client individually with particular needs based on their skin type. This enables a tailored treatment strategy to attain the desired outcomes for customers. 


Natural Rejuvenation MedSpaTM provides non-invasive, painless therapies that restore the skin at the cellular level. These therapies are meant to be "lunch break" type services that do not require extended recovery periods and include cutting-edge methods like as RF Microneedling, Laser Rejuvenation Therapy, PDO Thread Lift, and PRP.


Noemi also does not give any services that she has not already conducted on herself. This enables her to guarantee the quality and integrity of every service she offers. At the end of the day, the goal of Natural Rejuvenation MedSpa is to empower women and assist in the development of self-esteem and self-confidence.​


Noemi's family is everything to her outside of her work. Janina, Johnmark, and Jonathan are her three children, while Daniel and Juliana Grace are her grandkids. Noemi is also grateful to her husband, Scott, for all of the love and support he has given her.​ Noemi and our staff are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your skincare objectives so that you may be confident in your natural beauty. We value diversity and are proud of our multinational provider team.

Marble Surface
Noemi Erickson and her family
Noemi and her family
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