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ACCUFIT™ Muscle Activation

Marble Surface

ACCUFIT™ Muscle Activation

Tone your body with the Lutronic Accufit™

The accuracy and control of targeted muscle activation treatments is intelligently designed to deliver direct muscle activation for an improved aesthetic appearance. Precisely controlled energy flows through the selected muscle triggering a variety of responses depending on the chosen treatment mode.

Tone Your Body Without Visiting the Gym

The non surgical ab sculpt and brazilian butt lift are accomplished by targeting muscles in specific areas, increasing muscle and promoting fat loss.

Using 4 different, unique muscle movements, Accufit grants an automatic multi-mode treatment algorithm for each muscle area and can comprehensively and simultaneously treat multi-zone areas in 30 minutes.

This third-generation electrical muscle stimulation platform has advanced features that enable efficient and more comprehensive muscle activation for patients while maximizing patient comfort.

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