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Freckles and Sun Spot Reduction

Marble Surface

Freckles and Sun Spot Reduction

Reduce dark spots with LaseMD

LaseMD safely heals your skin from the inside out with little to no downtime. Winning the war against sun damage, age spots and freckles just got easier. LaseMD fractional laser treatments rapidly resurface your skin, improving texture and enhancing brightness without surgery. A resurfacing treatment with LaseMD can remove years of aging to leave you with glowing, revitalized skin. FDA-approved.

What is LaseMD?

LaseMD is a laser treatment that creates impressive results after just one treatment and continues to repair pigmentation with subsequent treatments.

What Does LaseMD Do?

-Heal sun damage

-Reduce freckles

-Improve skin texture

-Revitalize glow

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