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Glacial RX

Marble Surface

Glacial RX

total precision cooling treatment for true transformation

Experience brighter, calmer skin immediately after treatment. At three months post-treatment, patients reported overall brighter skin, improvement of benign lesions, and more even skin tone.

What Glacial RX Does

-Reduces Inflammation

-Soothes Redness

-Improves LusterFirms Skin Laxity

-Smooths Texture

Why Glacial RX?

Glacial® Rx is for anyone who wants to reduce inflammation and enhance their overall skin brightness. Redness Inflamed, irritated skin causes blood vessels to flush, creating unwanted redness and skin sensitivity. Skin can become red and inflamed from a variety of irritants, like wind or sun, skin products, physical activity, stress, heat, and more.

What is Dullness?

When the skin loses the ability to reflect light well, it becomes dull and tired-looking. Factors like sleep, aging, diet, and skin care can play a role in the skin’s luster, or lack of it.

What is Skin Laxity?

Skin that loses firmness–or laxity–may start to sag and become crepey. Age is a primary determinant, but other factors like sun, genetics, and lifestyle choices can accelerate the degradation of skin tightness.

Skin with uneven texture and tone may feature hyperpigmentation like age spots or sun damage and may be rough or bumpy to the touch. While age and inflammation affect the skin’s evenness, other causes like overexposure to the sun and chronic dehydration can also play a role.

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